Hand Therapy Services


Hand Therapy Services

At Central Victorian Hand Therapy, we provide specialist hand therapy services to help you achieve the best possible outcome after any hand, wrist, or elbow condition. We are based in Bendigo and work with specialists in Melbourne and Bendigo to provide hand therapy across Central Victoria.

Some of the hand therapy services we provide include:

  • Assessment of the upper limb - hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder
  • Fabrication of orthotics, splinting, and taping following fractures, sprains/strains, for arthritis or after surgery
  • Exercise programs focusing on increased range of movement and strength
  • Arthritis Management Programs
  • Facilitating safe return to sport and work
  • Pain Management Programs
  • Sensory re-education following damage to nerves caused by injury or surgery
  • Liaison and consultation with other specialists
Central Victorian Hand Therapy - Our Therapists treat thumb conditions.

What is Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is an advanced specialisation of occupational therapy / physiotherapy focusing on the rehabilitation of the upper limb - from hand to shoulder. It involves the thorough assessment and evaluation of the upper limb, from which a treatment program is developed and implemented.

Our Hand Therapy Services

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