Hand Therapy

Is a highly specialised area of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy with a focus on rehabilitation of the upper limb.

Conditions Treated

Include sports injuries, work injuries, arthritis, finger or thumb dislocations, trigger fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, upper limb pain, and mallet fingers to name a few.

Orthoses & Braces

Our clinicians can fabricate an orthosis immediately or custom fit an off the shelf brace in one session to start your healing today.


Many decisions such as exercises, timeframes and reassurances can be helpful in your recovery journey.

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Central Victorian Hand Therapy - can fabricate custom orthoses, braces and casts to treat finger, wrist & elbow dislocations

Welcome to Central Victorian Hand Therapy

Central Victorian HAND THERAPY

Central Victorian Hand Therapy is a Hand Therapy practice consisting of Occupational and Physiotherapists based in Bendigo, Central Victoria. Working with leading specialists in both Melbourne and Bendigo, we provide a range of evidence based therapies, exercises, education and treatments after your injury or surgery. We work with you to achieve your goals and assist with your rehabilitation and return to pre-injury levels.

What is Hand Therapy?

Did you know that the average adult hand and wrist contain 27 bones and 34 muscles? It is an amazing piece of machinery. When not operating at full capacity, your hand requires experienced, professional care. Central Victorian Hand Therapy was established in 2006 due to a need for this high level of specialized care in regional Victoria.

At Central Victorian Hand Therapy, we offer a variety of Hand Therapy services including:

  • Custom made, same day orthotic fabrication.
  • Education and Treatment.
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation programs & management.
  • Pain management programs.

We understand that each patient is different and every hand is different, and so we aim to carefully assess, diagnose, and manage hand and upper limb injuries, conditions and disorders, providing patient-specific treatment plans and recommendations.

Experienced Hand Therapists

Our caring and highly qualified Hand Therapists have been working for up to twenty years in public, private and practice owner positions both locally and overseas. We bring varied and specialised skills to you, hold frequent meetings and case discussions amongst ourselves, with your permission, to achieve best practice and outcomes for your injury.

Services & Conditions Treated

Our Hand Therapy Services include, but are not limited to, assessment, diagnosis, splinting, the custom fabrication of orthoses / braces or the recommendation of prefabricated braces & sports guards, waterproof casts, pain management programs and arthritis pain management programs. Conditions we treat include: sports injuries, work related injuries, musician / overuse injuries, arthritis, dislocations, children's hand injuries, trigger finger, thumb pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain, wrist pain, mallet finger and other common upper limb conditions.

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