The key component to helping you with the recovery from your injury is understanding your injury. The more you understand, the faster your recovery is likely to be.

You may find that a lot of your therapy time is spent talking about what has happened to you, what structures are involved and how long each step of the recovery will take.

Each person is individual. Therefore your understanding is critical. And our treatment approach and recommendations is tailored to every individual client.

Education - A Key Component Of Your Recovery.

As part of your education, we can provide links to online resources, written exercises, written orthosis wearing regimes and weekly stepped programs for managing your injury whether you live locally or far away. Sometimes all you need to know may be found in the links and articles within this website.

Central Victorian Hand Therapy now uses state of the art exercise programs (Physitrack) that can be downloaded onto your device to ensure you can see your exercises modelled in live video demonstrations. We will upload exercises specifically for your injury and recovery. Then we can work together to modify and improve your program, exercise repetitions and get you back on the road to recovery.

Our therapists continually attend local meetings and international conferences, courses and online education opportunities so that we can share this learning with you.

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What Should I Do Next?

Our experienced clinicians will thoroughly assess your condition, your daily activities and other factors such as the age of the patient to determine the best treatment options and provide the necessary education & information to assist in your recovery.

You can contact us directly via phone, email, or contact us via our online booking system.

Please note, patients who want to refer themselves are welcome to do so. You only need a referral if you are funded under Workcover, TAC, The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), or you are on a Management Plan such as the Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your doctor.

Hand Therapy

Advanced specialisation of occupational therapy / physiotherapy focusing on the rehabilitation of the upper limb

Conditions Treated

Including: Sports Injuries, Work Related Injuries, Arthritis, Dislocations, Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel, Wrist / Elbow Pain, Mallet Finger & more

Orthoses & Braces

Our clinicians can fabricate a custom made orthosis or brace in one session to promote healing or assist functional performance.

Waterproof Casts

Waterproof casts are a lightweight and comfortable alternative to traditional plaster casts.

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