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Telehealth / Online Consultations

Online Consultations

Central Victorian Hand Therapy are happy to introduce a new feature to our valued clients. Online Consultations will take advantage of some of the latest technology to provide our same high quality of service over a broader scope.  We are making this extra provision in order to take greater care of our community. We want to ensure that specialised hand therapy is available to all who depend on it for their rehabilitation & optimal well-being.

In light of the current uncertainties connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, Online Consultations will also guarantee the safety of clients and therapists alike, without interrupting the regimen of required therapy.

What are Online Consultations?

Online Consultations are conducted by members of our team of qualified therapists. Using our specially designed and secure platform, you will be able to consult with one of our caring professionals one-on-one, from the comfort of your own home. Your therapist will assess your situation in your initial consultation, and then prepare a treatment plan specifically tailored to your injury or illness. They will be available over the required number of sessions to guide you through the course of your rehabilitation to greater mobility.

Who can benefit from Online Consultations?

Online Consultations give us the opportunity to extend our services into the greater community, so that many more are able to benefit from our expertise and experience. This format allows us to do what we do best, while giving greater flexibility and convenience to our clients.  Amongst those who would benefit include:

  • People with limited mobility
  • People with busy schedules
  • People living in areas without easy access to a hand therapist
  • People confined to their home for health reasons

Benefits of Online Consultations

  • No need to travel, saving time and money
  • Continuity of treatment program even if you can’t physically attend the practice
  • Ability to keep working towards recovery goals, even if you are unwell and / or unable to leave home

How do I find out more about Online Consultations?

Our team is trained and waiting to help you benefit from this new medium. Please contact one of our friendly representatives using the details below, and they will be able to inform you of the necessary requirements in order to gain the most from your Online Consultation.

Read “Making the most of my Telehealth Consultation


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